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Alison did an amazing job both reworking my resume and with career coaching. She helped craft a resume and a narrative to cover a gap that I had difficulty explaining. Most importantly, after a number of sessions, she gave me the confidence to rework my resume and cover letters on my own during my job search. Not only did I secure a job, but I managed to secure a career during one of the most challenging job markets. Alison isn’t just excellent at career coaching with the complex skill sets that most coaches may have, but I believe it is her intuitive nature that helped guide me on the right path. I am truly grateful.


Career Crafting after FMLA, March 2021

I just opened my resume again. Reading how you worked my words at the top of my resume made me cry.  It’s so ME and it made me feel so proud of myself.  Thank you.  You are truly gifted!

Nicole, Louisville, CO

Pivot Resume, September 2020

Before working with Alison, sending my resume to any-one job took hours to tailor and re-organize, and communicating my story in an initial phone screen was a hit or miss — so I limited the opportunities I would reach out about and was in a big rut.

Immediately when we worked together on my resume, she was able to understand who I was, my strengths and aspirations, and very quickly created a resume that read in my voice. I continued to hire her as a coach as I applied to a job that I did not even admit was my dream job because I felt it was out of reach.

She knocked that thought down right away, set me up for success with the necessary confidence, and supported me every step of the way as I quickly went through multiple rounds of interviews and ended up landing the job.

Work with Alison! She has great intuition, emotional intelligence, and knowledge of many industries, which not only helps her to help you highlight your soft skills but she also masterfully advises and proofreads communication among all parties throughout the job application and interview process.

Tara, New York, NY

Resume & Story Coaching, August 2020

Confidence boosting and supportive, Alison offers real-time solutions, actionable feedback, and support for every step of the process when looking for a job. Her approach is just what I need to help me cope with my current situation, stay positive, focus on my skills and strengths, and seek out the next step in my career.

Anonymous, San Francisco

Career Coaching, March 2020

I hired Alison because I wanted a more professional LinkedIn profile, but I didn’t want it to appear I was looking for a job. The process was very straightforward and simple to manage. Since my new profile went up, I have had many compliments on my profile — not only that — I am getting the targeted views I was hoping for!

Vice President Colorado Company

LinkedIn Profile, Oct 2018

Alison is a great coach who really listens and asks insightful clarifying questions. Through our coaching work I’ve been able to be more focused on what I am actually looking for in my career and ways to build on resources I already have in my current job role. She’s great at connecting the dots between ideas that I was struggling with to help align them with the actions I’m taking in reaching out to professional colleagues.


Career Coaching, February 2020

Before working with Alison I didn’t know where to start with my resume, my LinkedIn profile or LinkedIn strategy. I was in the early stages of looking for a great new job & wanted both to be professional.

I am super happy with the coaching & end results of both my resume & LinkedIn profile. I got a job offer from my 3rd interview & have had a ton of recruiters contact me based on my LinkedIn profile. Employers sought me out!

The process of working with Alison was great, the questions about my experience made me search for details about my experience & education I hadn’t thought of.

And, I would definitely refer any of my recent co-workers to her.


Résumé & Job Search Coaching, Sept 2018

Alison is great at what she does! She took my plain and simple LinkedIn profile and helped me improve it greatly.

I’m still in the process of implementing some of the wonderful ideas and suggestions she made to me, but I feel as if her help will greatly help me here on LinkedIn on connecting with others. She does a lot of research for you and it shows that she cares greatly about your profile.

I highly recommend Alison to anyone that is looking to spruce up their LinkedIn profiles. She will be very valuable to you.

Barbara, Remote Virtual Assistant

LinkedIn Profile & Pivot Strategy, February 2018

Before working with Alison, I was hesitant that I wouldn’t be able to pull together my experience into a concise, understandable format for my resume and my 2-minute pitch about myself. My job prospects before we worked together were all over the map!

After working together, I felt great about my job prospects, and I received a job offer at Southwest Airlines! It feels great to be working full time after not being in the workforce for so long.

You were very helpful in preparing me for the interview, and I felt extremely confident! I also like having an updated resume and LinkedIn profile.

I feel like I’m better prepared to keep looking for my dream job or advance within Southwest. I have recommended you to two friends because I enjoyed working with you and you have a great working knowledge of a lot of industries and what specific services people may need from you.

You are very organized and I liked the strategic approach to my career search as well as receiving specific tools that will help me in my everyday job search/networking. The only thing I would have changed is the option for longer sessions and more email support, which I know that you’ve now addressed!


Career & Pivot Coaching, LinkedIn Profile, Résumé, Oct 2018

Before hiring Alison, I was not sure where to start with updating my LinkedIn page or how my resume needed to be formatted. The questionnaire took me a while to fill out; I might have put too much thought into it, but I had great success when my resume and LinkedIn were done. My LinkedIn Profile had a ton of traffic, and I had multiple recruiters sending me job recs within the first week or two.

LinkedIn Profile & Résumé, Jan 2018

Alison was the second LinkedIn resume professional I have worked with (third total). What impressed me the most about working with Alison was her interest to learn so much about me, life choices, goals, past jobs, etc., to create a unified profile built on skill sets and interests, not specific job titles.

Unlike other resume experts I have worked with, she didn’t just give me recommendations for changing word choices and tweaking my list of job accomplishments. Rather, it was about “telling the story” of the type of employee I am and the value I can bring by way of transferable skill-sets.

This was incredibly important as I find myself at a crossroads: interested in different positions with a varied skill set and background. I also appreciated her candid feedback regarding the job search (just because you “could” do a job doesn’t mean you are a good fit), and her willingness to assist with targeted cover letters.

All of this has helped me gain clarity and focus during this transition. Finally, she has great turnaround time and follow-thru! I enthusiastically recommend her to anyone looking for resume/profile assistance.


LinkedIn Profile & Résumé, Feb 2018


When I first came to Alison for coaching, I was lacking any real results in my job search. In a couple of short months, Alison coached me through clarifying my career goals, diving deeper into my past experience, vastly improving my resume, and learning to sell myself better in the interview. The results speak for themselves. I am happy to say that I began receiving a lot more interest from employers from my application to interview. I have accepted a very generous offer as a result of Alison’s guidance.


Professional Narrative Work, April 2021

Alison was a tremendous help to me in crafting a resume that helped me make a transition in both field and function. Between the different exercises and assessments, Alison assigned to me; our regular check-in calls; and seeing the progress each week as we co-created my new materials together; the entire process was fantastic.

Alison really takes the time to get to know you the person behind the resume. She was instrumental in ensuring that my personality and the true breadth and depth of my skill set was made clear in the resume. I’m thankful to Alison for her expert guidance and support: I highly recommend Alison’s services to anyone looking to update – or even completely re-imagine – their resume and LinkedIn profiles. Thank you, Alison!

Michelle, Pivot

Resume Writing, August 2020

I hired Alison to coach me through an important negotiation with a freelance client. I was concerned about how to approach the conversation and worried I might trip myself up in the process. It was a point of anxiety for a few weeks. With just one call, Alison settled my nerves completely and helped me craft an approach that worked perfectly: my client agreed to every request and suggestion, including a significant increase in my rate AND more holidays. At the same time, she helped me frame my work with a more long-term view, and how to tie Linkedin and online networking into my overall career goals going forward. Working with Alison has already proven a great investment, and one I would thoroughly recommend her coaching to anyone looking for personalized, thoughtful, and conscientious help with their career.

Conor, Digital Nomad

Coaching + LinkedIn Strategy

In my continued work with Alison she continues to amaze and surprise me with her keen listening and deep questions. She’s asked me the questions I needed to hear, so that I could hear my own answers to my BIG questions. It is so nourishing to hear our own voice in those answers.

Suzanne, Pivot Planning

Career Coaching, Ongoing, 2020

Prior to working together, I had some hesitation as I wasn’t sure what really needed to be improved with my resume and LinkedIn. I was very unsure about my job prospects.

My LinkedIn has definitely seen a significant boost in traffic and I know feel great about my job prospects. I’d recommend your service to a friend looking to improve their appeal.

Rob, IT Executive

LinkedIn Strategy & Résumé, Sept 2018

Alison asked powerful questions that helped me uncover new insights for myself regarding my career journey. She’s great at recognizing the strengths of those she coaches. Even better, she’s skillful at helping you believe in your strengths.


Pivot Planning, January 2020

Alison’s questionnaire really helped me understand more about myself and my career goals. If you need help centering and targeting your resume, I’d definitely recommend working with her. I found my dream job a few months after she revised and streamlined my resume. Alison, you are a lifesaver!

Résumé & Job Search Coaching, March 2018

It is not often that you find someone who can weave your words and ideas seamlessly into an accurate personal narrative. Alison did just this for my LinkedIn profile. As an HR Professional, I already had a robust profile; however, it was missing something and did not accurately represent my experiences. Working with me, Alison actively transformed my profile to powerfully and authentically capture my professional accomplishments.
Janice, HR Director

LinkedIn Profile, Dec 2017

I felt out of touch with resume building trends and confused about what career path to take. All difficulty was my own indecision.

Alison made it easier than I could even imagine. After working together I felt great about my job prospects. And I would recommend you to anyone looking to build or update a resume.


Résumé & LinkedIn Strategy, May 2017

Alison was referred to me to help me update my resume. She was prompt and very helpful. I subsequently landed a great job and have a resume I’m proud to share.

I will continue to use her format and would recommend Alison highly if you are looking to update your resume. I also understand she provides a variety of other remote assistant services. I assume she is prompt and professional in those areas as well! Thanks, Alison!

Kaleigh, Business Development Manager

Résumé & LinkedIn Strategy, October 2016

Alison created a polished and professional profile page that supports my current position well. This was a nice upgrade as we were hiring new positions within our organization, people were doing their research prior on our staff as well as the organization and getting positive background information. The way it was written, it looks great for my existing role but also attractive to recruiters.
VP & General Manager, Industrial Supply Company

LinkedIn Strategy, April 2018

I would like to say HUGE THANK YOU for all your help with my resume. I had immediate responses as soon as I posted it on job posting sites. One of the sites (i think it was dice.com) offered a free resume-evaluation service which I clicked on. They got back to me saying that my resume is perfect and does not need any adjustments. I knew that of course, it was just a basic human desire to be re-affirmed. 🙂 I’ve landed an awesome job, which I absolutely love.

You were a huge part of my success – I’ve landed an awesome job where I’m very happy. I’m recommending you to all my friends! Best of luck and keep on doing what you’re doing because we need you!!!!!

Ella, Lead Technical Analyst

Résumé, Jan 2017

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