What motivated you to follow your path?

It’s a beautiful question.

For me, it’s my unconditional love for other humans.

You might think that’s strange, but hear me out.

I grew up an only child, living in a beautiful forested part of the Rocky Mountains, about a 30-minute drive from town.

My father is an artist who works from a home studio.

My mother has a Ph.D. in French Literature, but she ran a program helping graduate students at the University of Colorado become better teachers.

My Grandmother, whose house I stayed at after school, was a widow who hosted international students at the Economics Institute.

From an early age, my life exposed me to different people from what I knew, learning, chasing big dreams, and telling me about the fantastic places they called home. Many of them were women.

I fell in love with humans, our diverse cultures, foods and traditions, and the idea of chasing a dream.

In my late teens and twenties, I traveled to places like the Gambia and Madagascar. I saw women working with their children by their side, on their backs, and at their breasts.

Then I moved to France, where I learned that mothers and parents, in general, get extra support, 3/4 time, and other benefits to help balance work and family life.

I see that a world that values women, mothers, and children at their full potential, as a world that is healthier, kinder, and resilient.

What we put into our economies, how we value our people, our resources, the environment matters. I appreciate a quadruple bottom-line, I see the ‘invisible’ economy, and I am passionate about building a truly circular economy. I believe we all deserve better.

My Why? I work to support my clients in learning to honor themselves, to live in and be present, and find joy in whatever they are doing while creating impact-driven careers and lives to change our world for the better.

Alison the coach
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Coaching is "doing the work" | ICF | CPC | CAPP| Mental Fitness Coach

My coaching builds upon my journey from career confusion to a career calling. With 20+ years of experience working, managing, coaching, and training employees, I leverage this deep knowledge of the workplace with my training as a mental fitness coach and a life coach. As a coach, I partner with my clients to guide them to find fulfilling work and craft a flourishing life.

As a coach, I hold the space for you to explore and define your path. Through active listening and direct communication, I guide you in answering your questions and setting goals. I help you to see clearly, follow your intuition and move forward to a carer you love.

I am a Certified Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) practitioner earned through The Flourishing Center in 2019. I graduated from the International Coach Academy with a Certificate in Professional Coaching in June 2020. In January 2021 I signed up for my first PQ program, and in March 2021, I joined the Advanced Coach Training program for Positive Intelligence, led by Shirzad Charmine. 

I am certified as an ACC through the International Federation of Coaches (ICF). 

This means that I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics and I am focused on cultivating the ICF Core Competencies. When we start work we will sign a contract of coaching services that define payment terms and that also establishes a Coaching Agreement.