Hate LinkedIn? Here is why you should love it.

Hate LinkedIn? Here is why you should love it.

This article is all about how to use LinkedIn: anyone can use LinkedIn to support their professional growth. From traditional employee to organic farmer to freelancer, LinkedIn is for all professionals.

Quick Quiz: Should I be on LinkedIn?

  • Do you work for the CIA or another clandestine organization?
  • Are you in a witness protection program?
  • Are you over the age of 18?

No. No. Yes.

If you answered the previous questions — no, no, and yes — then you should be on LinkedIn.

I don’t care if you are a student or retired. Freelancer or employee.

LinkedIn is relevant to your professional field of work.


I like to think of it this way. Imagine you are on an airplane or in a line at a coffee shop. You strike up a conversation with the person next to you and discover that you have a mutual business interest.

Maybe the individual is a potential coach and mentor; perhaps they are a connector; maybe they are a potential customer; perhaps you have an organic farm, and they are a soil researcher.

Cultivate Relationships

There are all different sorts of professionals on LinkedIn that interact and connect with one another. As a professional, you rely on networking and cultivating relationships at all levels.

If you have a complete and valid LinkedIn profile, you are positioned to build your network from anywhere at any time.

What could be more natural than opening your LinkedIn mobile App and connecting right then and there? Or handing over a business card with your personal LinkedIn URL printed? Or including your LinkedIn profile in your email signature?

Don’t have a personalized LinkedIn URL? Watch this 2-minute video.

If you are proud of your LinkedIn profile, you can share it with anyone and use it as a tool to network and build relationships.

Being on LinkedIn today is like being in the white or yellow pages in the 1980s. Just do it.



Why You Should Love LinkedIn:

  • It is the perfect template to define your personal brand.
  • It ranks. If you Google someone’s name, it is likely their LinkedIn profile will appear at the top of the search, if not first!
  • When you meet someone new professionally, it is the perfect way to verify credentials.
  • Increased visibility: there are millions of professionals from around the world at your finger-tips.
  • Increased opportunity: it provides you access to people that you might not otherwise meet.
  • Effective for job seekers: employers and recruiters are on LinkedIn.
  • Cutting-edge thought leaders and influencers share their expertise with you.
  • You can save Facebook for your personal connections (friends and family). Leave work at the office (aka LinkedIn).
  • It is easy to stay in touch and get in touch. Up-to-date contact info at your fingertips.
  • You can drop your Personal URL in your email signature, put it on your business card or resume and more…
  • You can use it to publish and share your ideas.
  • Grow link juice for your personal blog or website.
  • What else?
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