For there is always light,
If only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

Amanda Gorman

Free Yourself from the Hustle-and-Struggle

I work with individuals who seek to ditch anxiety and pressure to reignite their hope and passion for life through crafting a career calling or cultivating their strength as social-emotional leaders.  Whatever path you’ve been down so far — you are ready for something different — I am here to support you in crafting the next phase of your life and career. 

Life Work Purpose

First, we will take a deep dive into Positive Intelligence to build mental fitness, resilience, and learn to manage, even welcome, change. To learn how to stop self-sabotaging, and to build resilience. Next, we’ll dial in on what you need to craft your authentic voice and build out your life in a way that inspires you to jump out of bed every morning. We’ll claim your awesome and one-up it! 

With me as your guide, you will learn to be your own agent of change to craft a life you love.

Ready? Then join me on this journey!

Achievement equals PQ

Positive Intelligence

In January 2021, I joined the 5th Positive Intelligence Coaching Cohort led by Shirzad Chamine. Going through the PQ program as a client myself, and studying it as a coach has taken my coaching to the next level.

This year I have pushed myself as a coach, testing my own limits, while learning to live with more joy and confidence and less stress. I have unlocked my own potential and seen the ripple effects in my own family, and with my clients.

I have supported people to find the courage to leave toxic jobs, while guiding others to make a cognitive shift, opening new doors, and finding success in their current roles. My clients report more joy, a more positive outlook on life, and better relationships. They got raises, several have doubled (!!) their salaries, others have received promotions or been offered jobs through “silent job postings.”

I’ve had seasoned leaders find new confidence, ditch imposter syndrome, and learn to celebrate their own achievements, not just those of their team. I’ve helped new parents balance remote work, and career changers have the confidence to succeed.

Whatever your challenge, it is my pleasure to invite you into a coaching conversation to see if my work and if PQ are a good fit for you.

Outcomes We Value

The ability to be present when spending time with our friends and family — to not think about work or other concerns.

The capacity to focus on our work without being distracted by life and, to “shut off” when we are not working.

To truly enjoy our free time being present at whatever it is we are doing now.

To love our bodies and our full selves — to be okay and even happy, with who we are today.

To enjoy better relationships without guilt, frustration, and resentment.

To advocate for fair and even generous pay, for ourselves and for others.

To believe in work that connects us to our purpose, that gives us meaning and joy.

Let us say GOODBYE to inequity, inequality, and racism.

ADIEU to lower wages and the glass ceiling.

KWA HERI to wasting resources and limited access to education, healthcare, and more.

CHEERIO! to stress, anxiety, overwhelm, to mom-guilt, and overthinking.

Restorative & Regenerative Work

Our work can connect to what we value, what brings us joy. Building self-awareness helps us choose where we create meaning and purpose in our life. Stressing out, waking up at 3 AM, overthinking, feeling drained, and worrying about what we cannot control is not any way to live.

We don’t drive down the road with old tires, so why do we waste precious resources letting our brains get out of shape? We can build our mental fitness, step into our courage and agency to be empowered and fully present in the moment. We can learn to manage discomfort, accept change, and communicate what we need without fear and full of authenticity.

We can tell our stories with joy.

I know because I’ve experienced it in my own life, I’ve read the research and studied the “operating systems” so that I can teach these tools to other women while coaching them to design a life worth living.

I believe in a world in which women can enjoy motherhood (if they choose) and partnership (when they choose) while being professionally present, financially independent, and working in a field that makes an impact.

Just say “no” to the hustle and struggle culture.

Let’s work together to craft a world that is inclusive, restorative, and regenerative.

You will find success, financial independence, and joy in leveraging your skills, talents, experiences, vision, and passions to build or support a social impact venture. The world needs you. We need you.

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